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Join externship programs after the training to gain hands-on experience.

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Machine Learning

The Machine Learning using oneAPI Instructor Certification content utilizes the Intel® AI Analytics Toolkit and specifically, the Intel extensions for Scikit-learn and NumPy & SciPy optimizations. You will be qualified to apply, synthesize and teach the techniques introduced in the video courses and applied in the Intel-led code walk throughs and subsequent practicums. Prior Python programming knowledge is required.

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Rendering Toolkit

The Intel® Rendering Toolkit has several component libraries and tools geared for performant, high-fidelity rendering applications. This instructor certification will focus on Intel® OSPRay, Intel® Embree, Intel® Open Volume Kernel Library, and Intel® Open Image Denoise.  The training on these libraries and tools will enable you to apply that knowledge towards both building your own graphics and rendering applications and teach others how to do the same. Basic 3D mathematics knowledge required

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