About Me

Adegboyega is an Economist and had a 25year career as an Investment Banker and Financial Advisor, during which time he was registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Capital Markets Operator, undertaking significant debt and equity capital raising transactions for large corporates and multinationals.

Past Experience

He established Amethyst & Ashlar Advisory Ltd (AAAL) a few years after leaving the banking industry. AAAL focuses on Private and Public Sector Advisory in the areas of Strategy and Operations, Business Planning & Advisory, as well as Financial Planning. Adegboyega’s interest in the field of Thought Leadership has seen him emerge as one of few individuals speaking and facilitating sessions on Design Thinking and Computational Thinking.He has facilitated learning sessions in the areas above for an array of institutions, both public and private in the eight years since his firm was established. He regularly appeared on CNBC Africa during and after his employment at Diamond Bank, both here in Nigeria and at their South African studios, commenting and providing analytical perspectives on the Stock Market and the Nigerian Economy.

He is a member of the external faculty at the Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC), the Enterprise Development Centre (Pan Atlantic University), Lagos Business School (Pan Atlantic University), Association of African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI), and a Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) TPMA Certified Trainer for International Finance Corp (IFC), programs, as well as a member of the Grow Learn and Connect (GLC) network for certified professional trainers of the IFC. He is a SMEDAN Certified BDSP Trainer, for the National BDSP Certification Programme. He continues to receive both speaking and facilitation invitations at both national and international fora.

Based on his career experience, and personal interests, Adegboyega covers a diverse range of facilitation topics, which broadly fall under Business/Management Development and Personal Development.

In the area of Personal Development, Adegboyega has taken a special interest in Critical and Creative Thinking Skills, (including the emerging fields of Design and Computational Thinking) which in itself underscores Leadership Development, aspects of which include Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills, Social Intelligence, Team Building, Visioning, and Personal Planning.

With respect to Business and Management Development, he is well sought after for Strategic Planning, Business Operations, Business Planning and Development, and Financial Advisory.

Of particular note is that while facilitation on these topics is based on general principles and fundamentals, Adegboyega brings to bear, the practical experience of having applied these principles to individuals and corporate entities, thus such speaking sessions are enriched with experience and real-world examples.


Introduction to Global Business Environment

Introduction to Global Business Environment

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Introduction to Global Business Environment

Introduction to Global Business Environment

Every business that need to survive or succeed depends on adapting itself to the environment within which it functions.

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